Field Operations & Safety Management System (FOSMS) Suite of Products

UtilSoft worked with leading electric, gas and water utilities to design a comprehensive system that documents and manages problems encountered by field personnel. Whether they need assistance conducting safety inspections, field equipment inspections, reporting field hazards or managing revenue protection investigations; UtilSoft has a proven solution. Say goodbye to the clipboard, paper and pen! Take immediate action via the web, smartphone or tablet, and store all information and obtain signatures electronically.

FOSMS SUITE consists of the following products:
 Field Equipment Inspections
 Revenue Protection

Safety Product:
For any utility, the safety and well-being of employees is paramount. Before a crew begins work in the field, they verify all of their personal tools and equipment on their vehicles are in required working condition. Record the results on our tablet application and obtain signatures electronically. Conduct worksite/crew visit inspections to document how crews are working together safely or if they need additional training.

Contains the following modules:
 Personal Tool Inspections
 Truck and Tool Inspections
 Worksite/Crew Visit Field Inspections
 Forklift Inspections
 Job Briefing (Coming soon)

Field Equipment Inspections Product:
Utilities have an enormous investment in equipment. We can help facilitate the scheduled inspections that promote equipment longevity in the field thereby increasing the ROI. Conduct meter, pole or substation inspections, and report all the details electronically from the tablet based application. Quickly record and schedule damaged or faulty equipment for removal from service.

Contains the following module(s):
 Substation Inspections

Hazard Product:
Hazards in the service territory need to be logged and scheduled for immediate action. Use our smartphone based application that will record a description of the hazard and capture the GPS coordinates as well. It will then send a notification to the assigned crew for immediate resolution.

Contains the following module(s):
 Hazard Reporting/Recognition

Revenue Protection Product:
Revenue protection, or prevention of service theft, is a major concern considering that not only is there a loss of revenue for the utility, but it may also lead to damaged equipment and become a safety hazard that may harm an innocent person. The Meter Detective can read your AMI data and will allow you to place meters under surveillance based on the parameters you set. You can then use the case management system to manage the details of the individual theft investigation. All information is organized and easily accessible to provide to law enforcement or the courts when necessary.

Contains the following modules:
 Service Theft Case Management
 Asset/General Theft Case Management (Coming soon)

Field Operations & Safety Management System was designed to manage the safety and field operations of electric, gas and water utilities. We worked with leading utilities to design a system that addresses field service problems with cutting edge technologies. Our system also provides reports and dashboards for management that will allow you to see field operations like you've never been able to before.