Forklift Inspections

The Forklift Safety Inspection mobile application maintains records of a company’s forklift inspections. Per OSHA regulations, all forklifts should be inspected daily to ensure they can operate under safe conditions. The Forklift Safety Inspection app documents the faulty parts of the forklift by using a checklist. The user may take multiple photos of the parts to further substantiate the inspection results. Each inspection may also be signed by an inspector and/or supervisor. The application operates as a native iOS Or Android application and can work in standalone mode, i.e. without an Internet connection. When Internet connection is available, inspections can be exported to a central database for reporting purposes. The application is secured using a login id and password. Login credentials can be obtained by contacting UtilSoft at (678) 689-0943 or

Features include:
 Easy registration and startup – create account, users with their roles and Forklift(s) in operation – sync and start using the app (Internet connection is required)
 Create new Inspections on the mobile app and document results while inspecting – no paperwork
 Document inspection results for each equipment (such as Head Lights, Tail Lights, Strobe or Beacon Light) and enter supporting Notes for each
 Save incomplete inspections locally and return to them using a simple search to add further details
 Attach one or more photos to highlight the inspection results – use camera
 Sign the Inspection using a finger – Name, Role and Date stamp are auto-captured with the signature
 More than one signature is allowed
 As needed, user may export selected Inspections to a central database (Internet connection is required)
  Access to website for easy updates and management reports – add/change/delete Forklifts and sync to mobile app
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