UtilSoft Privacy Policies

UtilSoft.net Website Privacy Policies 

  • UtilSoft.net website does not collect any personal data. This site is just for information purposes.
  • UtilSoft.net Website does not use any cookies.
  • UtilSoft.net is directed towards the utility industry. It does not cater to children and does not collect any data from children.

Privacy Policies for the Users of FOSMS, the UtilSoft Suite of Products Offering 

  • The utility companies are the customers of FOSMS, the UtilSoft suite of products. Each utility company provides access to some of its employees for performing their daily operations. The utility company decides the personal information it inputs into the FOSMS application based on the needs to operate smoothly. At the minimum, the FOSMS application needs the user name and the user email address.
  • Users of the FOSMS suite of products are the utility industry, not children. So, it does not collect data from children.
  • UtilSoft does not use any cookies on its browser version of the FOSMS application.
  • The user data in the FOSMS product is maintained by the customer companies and those companies own their data. UtilSoft cannot and does not share that data with any third party companies.